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Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

Defined by metal fences or white stakes that delimit the golf course. Balls that cross the road between hole 10 on the one side, and holes 11 and 17 on the other, are considered to be out of bounds even if they may rest in a part of the golf course.

2. Penalty areas (Rule 17)

There are two types of penalty areas, marked with yellow or red stakes. In hole 7 there is a mandatory drop area for all balls that rest within the penalty area and that are not played as they rest or if the player chooses not to repeat the stroke with a stroke and distance penalty (Rule 18.1).

3. Abnormal course conditions (Rule 16.1)

3.1 Ground under repair

  • All terrain marked with stakes, ropes or blue paint.
  • Azaleas, newly planted land and newly planted trees; the hedges of separation between holes are integral objects of the golf course (Rule 8.1a) and have no relief.
  • Trees with ropes, trunk guard or blue stakes.
  • Wheels of machinery and construction material.
  • Drainage ditches and construction holes.
  • Furrows in the bunker produced by the action of water.
  • Damage caused by animals.

3.2 Immovable obstructions

  • Bridges, roads, concrete roads, cross-roads and artificial pavements. The rest of the roads are integral objects of the golf coursee (Rule 8.1a) and have no relief.
  • Wells, sprinklers and irrigation caps.
  • Tree stumps
  • Stakes of any color, except the white ones that delimit the out of bounds.
  • Ropes protecting greens or trees.

4. Permanent electrical cables

If a ball hits the power lines, the hit is canceled. The player must play a ball without penalty from where he played the previous shot (see Rule 14.6 for the procedure).

5. Rate of play (Rule 5.6)

  A maximum of 2 hours and 20 minutes is set to play each 9 holes.  regardless of the starting tee. The penalty for breach of the rule:

  • Within 10 minutes above the maximum lap time: general penalty.
  • From 10 minutes: disqualification.

6. Use of buggies

The use of buggies is allowed, unless the specific regulations of a given tournament expressly prohibit it. They must always circulate on roads and rough, never by tee boxes, greens or their fringe, and must not go faster than the rest of the players of the game.  

7. Winter rule

At the time authorized by the Competition Committee, when the ball rests in a part of the general area cut at fairway level or shorter, the player can take relief without penalty, only once, by placing the original ball or another ball and playing it In this area of ​​relief: the size of the area of ​​relief will be that of a score card and should not be closer to the hole than the point where the ball rested having to remain in the general area.  

8. Code of conduct (Rule 1.2)

The following behaviors that could be penalized during a round are as follows:

  • Do not replace divots.
  • Do not rake bunkers.
  • Do not repair ball marks.
  • Cause unnecessary damage to the golf course or any other act that, in the opinion of the Committee or the arbitrator, deserves the qualification of unsportsmanlike conduct.
The penalty for violation of the code of conduct is:
  • First offense: a penalty stroke.
  • Second offense: general penalty.
  • Third offense: disqualification.


Except as specified for violation of the code of conduct, the penalty for violation of any local rule is the general penalty (Loss of hole in Match-Play and two strokes in stroke play).

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November, 2023