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Rules of Behavior and Etiquette

These are the rules of behavior and etiquette that must be followed at the Hércules Golf Club.

Fulfill them for your own benefit and that of others.

    1. Any player who uses the sports facilities of the Hercules Golf Club must know and necessarily apply the Rules of Golf, the Rules of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation and the Rules of etiquette. The ignorance of the same will not have any mitigating effect. The players must obey and respect the indications they receive from the Club employees, since they, in the performance of their functions, represent the Management, and have the mission to enforce the instructions emanating therefrom.

    2. The previous rule will be applied especially in relation to starters, marshalls and managers of the driving range, as well as to the members of the club office and those in charge of making tee times. All of them act following the direct instructions of the Governing Bodies of the Club.

    3. In order for anyone to access the golf course for the purpose of play it is necessary to be federated and have an assigned handicap, having to go through the Master-Caddy before going out to play.

    4. In order to foment social relations, try to group with other players to form a twosome, threesome, or foursome. (Maximum 4 players.).

    5. Do not delay the game, if you lose your ball, you must give way to the next game without waiting to be asked.

    6. In case of delay, (wrong fairway) remember that the fastest group always has preference.

    7. It is forbidden to alter the order of holes established by the club.  Players must start on holes 1 or 10 as directed by the Master-Caddy.

    8. Remember that the staff of the Hercules Golf Club is working for the benefit of all players and their instructions should always be followed.

    9. Each player must carry their own set of clubs, with their own bag.  Sharing of bags is forbidden.

    10. The use of mobile phones is not allowed during play.   All phones must be put in silent mode during your stay in the course.

    11. Avoid shouting or calling attention to another player, acting at all times with maturity and patience.

  1. Wear appropriate footwear. The use of sandals is not permitted on the greens (including Putting-green).

  2. Remember that the game of golf has its own dress standards, not allowing the use of swimsuits, tracksuits, tights, neckless polo shirts, jeans, pirate pants, etc. In case of doubt, consult the Master-Caddy.
  1. Make sure your practice swing or your shot doesn’t reach anyone. In case of doubt, shout “BOLA” to notify others.

  2. If you have any doubt that the ball you played is lost, play a provisional ball as it will save you a lot of time.

  3. If you are looking for a ball and the next group is waiting, invite them to play through. A group includes a player who plays alone.

  4. Avoid making divots during practice swings.

  5. Take care of the golf course; rake the bunkers, replace divots.

  6. Write down the results on the tee of the next hole.

  7. It is not allowed to leave buggies, carts, or trollies  on tee boxes, greens or antegreenes,  preferably, place them on the way to the next hole.
    1. You can and should repair ball marks (yours and others) and also repair other damages after your group has finished playing.

    2. Do not step on another player’s putting line.

    3. Do not mark the position of your ball on the green with a scrape on the grass.

    4. Do not throw or drop the flag on the green. If you are going to leave it on the ground, place it there carefully.

    5. Do not remain or walk unnecessarily on the green itself, stay outside as much as possible, so as not to leave marks on it.

    6. Do not leave the green area before the whole group has finished the hole and then do it without delay.

If you must, it is recommended that you smoke only within the tee boxes, using the containers provided for the disposal of cigarette/cigar butts.  DO NOT discard of cigar/cigarette butts in any other part of the golf course. It is totally forbidden to smoke in forested areas of the countryside.

  1. Players must comply with the instructions given by the personnel in charge of the driving range, acting by delegation from the Board of Directors, in order to take better advantage of the facilities and avoid unnecessary risks.

  2. The opening and closing hours established by the Club will be respected.

  3. These rules must also be respected in classes with professionals and they are responsible for their compliance.