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Ours is a relatively recent history, whose origins date back to the year 1996.

In mid 1996, The Hercules Golf Club was born, thanks to the initiative of a group of passionate fans of the game, who had found themselves having to travel long distances in order to practice their sport.

Although initially the idea was to build a driving range, and practice facility, it soon became clear that there was a real possibility of building a new golf course, which is now a reality. Thus, on June 1, 1996, the bylaws were approved and Hercules was registered as a Sports Club in the Register of Sports Clubs and Entities of the Xunta de Galicia, with the number 5.114, confirming at the same time its registration in the Galician Golf Federation and Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

At the end of 1997, once some land had been located a few kilometers from La Coruña, and with the support and collaboration of the honorable Mayor of the City of Arteixo, and the Board of Neighbors of the Parish of Larín, a tract of land was obtained. This land, which was originally dedicated to forestry, and had an area of more than 170,000 square meters, is where the future Golf course would be built.

A few months later, and before the end of that year, a total of 50 shareholders constitute the Hercules Golf Club. They form a Public Limited Company in order to begin the construction of a nine hole course.

In the month of March 2000, the project becomes a reality, and in record time, the construction of the first 9 holes, whose fairways amble between 3 wide lakes, is completed. Also at that time, a Chipping green, a Putting green, and a Driving range are installed, as well as a club house, where the offices, cafeteria, restaurant, changing rooms, relaxation area and laundry are located.

Although the Hércules Golf Club is a private entity, the intention of its Board of Directors is to make it an institution open to all those who are attracted to the sport of golf, both for those who consider themselves golfers, and for those who are only curious about it. In either case, the Club has a Golf School, where three local golf professionals teach classes. A big part of this is the Junior golf school which has been growing since the dawn of the club. Junior golf is one of the projects in which the Club invests the most time and enthusiasm, since it is about transmitting the fundamentals of golf to the future generation of golfers. Proof of this support and the success achieved are the good results achieved by children and junior golfers; so much so, that the children golfers have been champions of the Galician League of Clubs and the Juniors, runners-up, competing at the level of other clubs with much more seniority.


The Back Nine

A commitment to investment in facilities and to cultivate the figures of tomorrow.

Hércules Club de Golf

In mid 2008, the decision was made to begin the second phase, and to expand the course to 18 holes, which were inaugurated on September 10, 2011.

The many years of effort on the part of the entire group that makes up the Hercules Golf Club gave way to a hopeful new sporting era with the new 18-hole course, par 72.

Hércules Club de Golf

Hércules was given the award for best Galician club of the season in 2000.

The Course, and the symbology

The name and logo evoke the ties between the Club, and the city of La Coruña.

In regards to the symbology of the Hercules Golf Club, both the name and the logo of the Hercules Golf Club reflect its enormous connection with the city of La Coruña, since both are based on the Tower of Hercules, the Roman lighthouse emblem of the city.

On the occasion of the restructuring of the new website, which came to light in May 2009, the traditional identifiers were reviewed, which gave way to simpler, more clear and functional graphic solutions, respecting the concept and philosophy that inspired the previous one. Visual identity.